Lil’ Wayne has been known for his catchy rhymes, dirty rap, censored lyrics and truthful vibes since time in memorial. I promise that I am not lying when I say he is the most graphic and confused man this earth has ever had to handle. He plus the men in Moi who think rapping like him will get them a life partner.

Lil’ Wayne literally went from singing lick me like a lollipop in the courting stage to turning me on in the honeymoon stage then he says uiuiui like a cop car during marriage after that this girl isn’t loyal anymore so he divorces her. Maybe it is me but this dwarf has 99 problems and height isn’t one. Please try to remain single with your strange clouds and don’t sing ‘We made it’ until you actually get a wife. 

Chris Brown you were the perfect American sweetheart with your first hit song ‘kiss kiss’ then you decided to hit a woman, I don’t know if she was trying to kiss your fist but damn right no woman will be loyal to a fist. The rest of the other artists, I don’t acknowledge your rap, you are irrelevant to me as I am to you.

Kenyan men now decided that they will side with the above artists. Ironically those who opted to be loyal to this song happen to be single and surprisingly they have never been in a relationship. They have been loyal to singlehood from the time they hit teenage hood. They couldn’t even spell girlfriend even if they wanted to. But they go ahead singing and raping of how girls aren’t loyal like they have been in the play boy mansion for years.

Dear men, please come to the realization that as much as you rap long or sing along to this song, if you are single, you will remain single. And if you are truthfully married to no one but yourself, don’t try singing this at home or anywhere else for that matter. Not unless you want to practice celibacy for a couple of more years.

There are certain unwritten rules in the society that bring balance to all. A wealthy man will unfortunately attract all ladies especially if the women are the needy spendthrift type. Sadly, most of these ladies are the beautiful ones. The hustler will attract any lady who admires hard work and appreciates the simplicity in life. The guy who sings these girls aren’t loyal attracts the other guys who sing along. Thus promoting homosexuality in campus.

The real question is whether women are loyal or not. The truth is give a woman what she wants and she will stick by you like hostel A and blackouts. Women want love, attention and sometimes they do want money. If she could eat love then she would have stayed with her parents who have unconditional love. Don’t confuse want for money and desperate for money, there is a very huge bank between the two. Believe it or not there are women who have the handouts of real love but mistreat her and loyalty will be the least of your concerns.

In conclusion, if you want a woman, go get her. Don’t be bitter when somebody better finds her because she will not settle for less if there is more. That is not called disloyalty, it’s called an improvement.


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