The whole environ was a trigger, the couples cuddling at the far left of the room, the loud 90s music that made it almost impossible to communicate without letting an ‘eeh’ or pardon me. I loved Galitos on Tuesdays.

The upstairs is packed with faces full of makeup and skinny dudes with trousers lower than the economy. I found a table by the window. I sit facing the stairs to spot him easily; he had arrived thirty minutes before the agreed time. It clocked in 2pm, one hour later.

But the wait was worth it.

He is sharply dressed in a white t-shirt, ironed jeans (he must be OCD) and Jordans 13- I don’t like the design but he somehow managed to pull them off seamlessly. He has a wrist watch on his left and I was quick to check whether he had beads spelling out Kenya or Jamaican flag (I cannot stand them).

He has a black baseball cap that almost covers his eyes or at least narrows his angles enough to come off as Bryson Tiller. The beard was sliced to perfection leading to his milk white teeth, no way you can brush your beard and miss the teeth; it will be too fraudulent. He passes my checklist so far. He holds a box of two large pizzas on the right and two milkshakes on the left hand side. My friend must have been thorough when she gave him my bio.

He walks straight up to me and places the food on the table then stretches out his hand for a handshake; I’m impressed. I hate it when a guy thinks we are on a hug basis on day one, doing a 500km/h on a 50km/h lane. This is refreshing. I think to myself.

“I’m Chris, thank you so much for taking the time to see me” he lets it out too smoothly.

“It’s too early to tell who is lucky at this point but I’ve scratched a fair number of raffle tickets, I’m Diaz” I let out a smile while looking directly at his form. The man was fine but I was scared he was protecting the world from the shape of his head.

He laughs slightly too long, he must be nervous. I reached out for the pizza box and his hand brushed on mine midway. He reaches out for the vanilla milkshake which is my favorite and pops the straw carefully not to touch it, he is definitely clean.

“So Chris do you like bikes or cars?” I take off the pressure from the lad.

“I’m definitely a bike type of person but I will probably buy a car first depending on prospects” he smiles from the side of his mouth, I notice a shinny glitch. It must be a filling or a grill.
“How about you?” he echoes.

“I love guns, bikes and tattoos” I let all my cats out of the bag

“Whoa! That’s accurate, should I be scared? Because I’m low key impressed but I feel like I should run” he is now smiling and I could sense his mask falling off faster than he wanted.

He adjusted his hat such that I could see his eyes. The intensity shone bright from them, he blinked twice when he saw me looking too deep but I wasn’t trying to intimidate him. I looked at the passenger crossing that led to corner house.

“Have you ever ridden a bike?” he asks doubtfully.

“Yes I have back when I was in Kesses, oh I mean Eldoret, I had a friend who taught me” I answered a little too quickly. “It was the best experience I have ever had at the same time I have never felt so close to the casket, very Salty of me”. He caught on to my movie inference faster than I thought he would.

“I’ve always wanted to get on a bike….in unison….” ride to Nakuru”.

“You are playing!” I remarked, “Did Lisa tell you that about me?” I asked him looking squarely into his eyes.

“No at all,its deadass coincidence, she told me you write and sent me a link to your site, I must say it is highly intoxicating” he dropped off that compliment at the right time.

“Thank you” I said shying away from the topic.

“So you like tattoos….” he passed the serviette to me almost trying to wipe off the cheese off my finger.

“I have always wanted a couple of them” I answered strategically but the man was wise and asked if I had any already, I danced around the subject and led him to believe I am skimmed milk.

This could be us but i was playing

The conversations went deep and wide, he talked of his business ventures, his past success and failure, we talked of everything and nothing.

Good conversations are a plus to any kind of relation, I was only there for the food but he completely changed my mind. His genuine demeanor and struggle with being too honest was rare and honestly unbelievable.

It was time for me to go home and he offered to drive me all the way to Rongai. My alarms by that time were going berserk, he fit the profile too much and I was caught off guard when the offer was presented. Before I could weigh my options, my phone rang.

It was Lisa ready to plow me for the details.
“Uuuuuummm mamie lemme call you in a few” I replied rather awkwardly.

“Chris thank you so much for your time, I’ve had a really nice afternoon today” we stood at the sidewalk facing each other directly.

“No, I want to thank you, you are absolutely phenomenal and I understand if you aren’t comfortable with me dropping you off but may I please see you again?” he asked in a deep gentleman’s voice. Any more thank yous and this would be a Christian session.

“Uuuuummmm” I stalled and a woman came and tapped his shoulder

“Hey Chris” she said in a squeaky voice.

Between the ‘hey’ and the comfortable ‘i-know-him-skin deep’ Chris was uttered, I had already crossed the road towards archives and left for railways…….

Lisa called again asking what had happened, I assumed she had talked to Chris who kept blowing up my phone.

“I am not ready for a relationship mamie, I freaked out honestly” we both laughed out loud

“Mimi by the way nimekuwacha” she said jokingly and insisted that I call her upon reaching home.

I finally picked up Chris’ phone call and gave a bullshit excuse why I couldn’t pick up.

“Did Lisa tell you I’m lesbian?” I asked with a serious tone

My phone went off.



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