THE INSOMNIAC DAY 39 by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

The first reaction I get when I tell people that I listen to reggae is simply startling. Hair falls like winter, hearts cringe, eyebrows meet hairlines, teeth separate; amusing, yes? No? I never quite understand why, considering music chooses you and not the other way round; rest in peace Kenyan music. I bet if I had dreadlocks, wore a straight outa my mom’s closet blouse and a cap pointing to the sky I would fit in perfectly. But I am not about that life.

Reggae music has a sacred tune to it that awakens at the same time calms nerves that you rarely feel. Its rhythmic contortion of different instruments at the same time having one key higher than the rest is purely artistic; a resonant above the rest, a salvation to the deaf. It feels African yet not fully conversed to our ways at the same time not corrupted by the Western noise. It’s beautiful to the ears, its eerie yet identified with; it’s the stream of life and the way to death. Reggae music can kill you without you feeling the pain. Instead you find yourself savoring the intricate moment of a combination of knife on neck to a mellow beat. It’s the type of music that you dance to at a wedding, disturbing all your pearls without making a complete fool of yourself.

Tonight, its Reggae night! My kind of music. Culture has been in my records for so long I should be arrested but I can’t seem to leave him behind, kicking it off with “Frying Pan”. It’s amusing how the genre speaks so much sense yet maintains a fun and dramatic vibe throughout. If you do not have the legendary and overrated Bob Marley; gerrarahia please. I am absolutely absorbed in “Could you be loved” and of course one of his number one hits “Get Up Stand Up”; who is not? You cannot be a reggae fan if you do not embrace creative artists like, Marlon Asher, Don Campbell, Admiral Tibet, Freddie McGregor, Burning Spear, Richie Spice and my all-time every time drug the talented Gregory Isaacs.

Reggae is the only genre which has remain loyal to its heritage compared to all other fields. As much as it has branches like roots and culture, raga and dancehall, all these branches like the tree have a little bit of the Genesis in them. Reggae music soothes, stimulates, lifts, stirs and empowers all at the same time. It’s not just music, it’s a lifestyle. Unfortunately I still can’t sleep after this, my search for a ‘Cure’ continues and not ‘Jah’……..

Buo buo boom!!!


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