With acknowledgement and due respect to all forms of social media that have turned women into sexual objects, I would love to criticize you but then again still maintain all my accounts. Women have gone rogue, some have turned into socialites (women who get paid depending on the likes they decipher on their pictures) others from Nairobi and from cities bearing names of close similarity with Las Vegas and U.K (Naxvegas and United Kisumu respectively) claiming to be models and some going to an extent of getting paid to get drunk and smoke sheesha in the name of hosting events (Chettle do watch your lungs); in the midst is a man looking for a mother for his children. Please quit the search. Despite all these, I still think there is hope.
A woman who has her own hustle; a woman who would rather bend her back backwards than accept a few millions for turning her head away; a woman who understands that her self-worth, integrity and merits are of more magnitude than having spa dates at Hermitage Bay in Antigua or lunch at the Hamptons; A woman who gets herself from point A to point Z without a qualm in her conscience; A woman who doesn’t let the affluent shallow examples of men to buy her into wealth in trade for a few minutes of pleasure; A woman who gets societal acceptance from the walks of all generations , serves as an inspiration to those whose dreams are confined in a poor man’s fantasies and absurd ambitions; she is the epitome of an honourable, zealous, successful overachiever in all eyes.
She creates a brainwave wherever she goes. She stimulates everyone’s thinking above what they are normally used to resulting to brain tumours to those whose brain matter is curbed in a nut shell. Her match of beauty and brains in one roll is rare yet it does not seem of importance as she still maintains a low profile. This allows her to tread the streets comfortably without anyone interrupting her for a mark of her pen worth KShs 50,000 on a piece of Karatasi brand paper that is filled with sweat and remains of last night’s supper.
Her intellectual prowess is enough to let her see it wise to mingle with everyone from levels below and heights above, not only because she can but for sheer kindness of the heart. She understands that her wealth will not be close enough to speak of what she stands for when she dies. She would prefer to leave earth being a legend rather than just another rich lass with an account balance looking like a phone number.
She spares a few words of wisdom and a bundle of coins and most significantly support to all the street children and women that she comes across. Her heart is tender and her personality hardly wavered. She is stronger than most men but suffers the limitations of all women, proof that she is human. Her ethical nature is impeccable and leaving an impression at tables of kings and shacks of men.Her belief in the girl child and women in general is her muse, she gives back to the society but she philanthropically sustains the women. Her language is giving and the only interpretation she has is sharing. She never lacks not because she can’t but because she won’t let herself to. She is her own motivation; she competes with herself to be better and do better. She wallows in the belief that there is something greater than just life. She is the clinging hope we have the future we most will never be a part of.


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