2018 has been a stellar year with the introduction of the CAT phones to the market. The partnership with Safaricom made it an even more amazing year. Taking into account specs, design and value for money, these are the phones one should have when starting the year.


The infamous S31 screams premium from the onset. It carries the mantle of sophistication very high and singles itself out when it comes to convenience and performance. If you need a phone that is upbeat and durable then the S31 is the best fit for you.
• Android Nougat
• Huge storage options
• High performance
• Long lasting charge
• Fast processor


The S41 is the best camera phone and best Android phone I have ever laid eyes on and not simply because of its hardware. It’s definitely an improvement from the S31 with a better camera lens, more battery capacity and even storage. The photo quality of the S41 is simply stunning adding on to its underwater capabilities. This is the best big screen flagship phone. The S 41 is top notch in every way and its 5.5 inch display sets it apart from the s31.
• High battery capacity of 5000mAh
• Wet finger tracking and glove-on
• Underwater capabilities of a
13MP main camera
• Super bright display
• Pressure resistant
• Dust and sand proof
• Power sharing abilities


Everybody needs a kabambe in their life but what if there is a version that looks like one but outperformance all. The CAT B35 will blow your mind away. You will have an amazing camera, the B35 definitely has enough great features to make it a great value phone. The best part of this particular phone is that it supports up to 150mbp/s downlink data rate and 50mbp/s uplink data rate!!no more delays!!

• Dust and Water resistant
• Easy grip
• Fairly priced
• Flawless performance
• Scratch proof glass
• Impact resistant of up to 2

The unique inclusion of the CAT phones will give you a variety to choose from and offer you the same quality experience as opposed to other flagship phones. The CAT phones are definitely a great buy and a must have in 2019. Once you go CAT, you never go back.

Happy New Year From The Rugged Team!!!May Your Year Be Filled With Accomplishments!!



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