For security reasons, the place which was referred to as ‘stage’ four months ago is void and blatant as it gets. The cars, the business men and women, and some few entrepreneur-cum-students have been shown the door or should I say the gate.

To create a free and safe environment, you do not kick out the citizens. You make the environment suitable. What happened to putting up streetlights? How many more students shall fall victim to insecurity? Which measure is being taken to ensure nobody walks into the premises armed? Installation of full body scanners? Will we live to see security cameras? Night patrols? I won’t start on tarmacked roads.

The kind of change we ask for and that which we deserve does not involve shifting the place where we board the bus. This relocation is pointless and is a silly move to curb attacks. At what point did the panelist concur on such a strategy? Where did we go wrong? They are stripping the little guilty pleasures that help comrades loathe the school a little less. First accommodation,hygiene, lecture halls, decent dispensary and now stage, they will not stop; not until Chela gets it.

They did not move Westgate after the grave terror attack and therefore you should not move ‘stage’ before a threat is even made.


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