The smell I carry from childhood
Was lost
A long time ago by the shaky hands of
Forgetfullness plagues my mind,
And for decades my nostrils have become accustomed to
Psychedelic strains
Of a fiery life,
Choking iron lungs with laughter
As old as the screams of when I first cried
For being alive.
But every once in a while
A fragrance wafts my way,
And memories ancient to everything familiar
Move me into
Drawing eyes to trails of ghosts
That no longer know how to haunt me.
Time has taken
So much
From us,
And like a human heart
It is never satisfied with enough.
And so one by one we lose ourselves
Every time it swings the pendulum back & forth,
When I tied mama’s leso around my neck
Time made me outgrow the superman cape…
When I was running around playing tag
Time became the only thing I was ever chasing…
When we want to fall in love
Gravity brought us down to earth like rain,
And soon we lost our silver linings to the wind
& watery dreams were drank by the world.
I became accustomed to pain
As quickly as a new born,
Screaming just to open the lungs to breath.
I found dreams in my poetry
But I never finish the books
Never remember them when I wake up…
And no matter how much I want to keep them close
They remain
If I don’t give them to the world.
But then the human mind remains relentless,
Conjuring dreams so large
We get so high that the body has to move its feet
So we wake up again,
Drenched in sweat or breathed by laughter.
Maybe growing up is simply
Seeking newer ways to
Without reality ever destroying it.
And yet,
In spite of all that gravity does to pull us down to earth
We find ourselves on the sky again with
Ripped from butterflies of anxiety,
Finding a new high
Or falling in love.
The smell of my childhood is gone,
But it never left a vacuum behind.


  1. Wow!
    This poem drew pictures and threw a few scents along with them.

    I think this made My taste buds itch A little..

    Guy, Penned this in pure Genius. Hats off 🎩


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