It is often claimed that infidelity is the titanic of all relationships but I strongly differ; unemployment is. To all men who still think love and affection is enough to keep her under your arms please come back to Kenya and leave Bollywood alone. A man is judged by what he brings to the table, literally, and a woman is judged by how it is presented. If by any chance my glorious and by far versatile specie is the ultimate provider then apologies are in order; you dear married your mother and not your wife.

Men seem to be taking advantage of the modern day woman; apparently our tenacity in finding better livelihood is a source of encouragement for bums with no bone of ambition in their bodies. By all means I do mean to offend all men who wake up to prepare breakfast, clean the house and dress the children for school. I am not undermining the work done for the good Lord knows that I wouldn’t survive two days with my nephew or niece. However when I look at a man, I should see exactly that and not a confused image of gender. Know your roles.

Love makes us do crazy things, it doesn’t make us do stupid things; don’t be confused. If by curse or bad omen you get laid off, then a month out of work is acceptable; if you quit your job then two weeks is fair; for you can’t quit without having a net plan to dive in; If you simply don’t feel like working then my brother (yes, now you are brother zoned) I simply do not know how we met. I love my sleep as much as I love working and I do try to maintain that balance unless it’s a weekend whereby sleep is all I do.

A woman can only be a cheerleader and your personal counsellor for a certain period before she starts losing the respect you earned. She will support and encourage you all she can but just like the second coming; that time will come like a thief. It will only be a matter of days until she starts hurling insults at you regarding your worthless state soon after divorce or break up depending on the level of association you are in.

It’s the 21st century, for a man not to have a job it would mean he has no control, no independence and no self-worth or is it net worth. Let’s not forget no woman too. Well, eventually. It’s a serious case of mismatched roles and in turn failing love. Therefore men, kindly fight for your job and keep your woman.


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