SHE IS NOT HER SKIN by Wambua Waitherero

When I stand in the sun a little too long, my skin tans, gets a shade similar to a wood splinter meshed with Jamaican chocolate. But when you see me fresh-faced in the morning from hours of incubating in my bed, I am some sort of skimmed milk with a tinge of caramel. Midday, I have flashes of bronze running through my back cascading beautifully on my thighs such that I equate the levels of the sun but the calmness of the moon. Dating me is like dating different women each hour but with the same excellence and refined touch that leaves every man lingering and every woman in awe. I am African.

Social media in futility tried to convince us, of a darker shade, that we are not enough until we resemble the color of the sun. We fall short of that which is refined and beautiful because our skin can withstand long hours of sunlight and doesn’t bruise easily. Lied to that not everyone is beautiful until they are fifty shades of yellow or marinated in gold. That African cannot be beautiful unless it comes in shades of white. First of all, damn you!


Beauty is not a particular skin tone, it’s not a body size, it’s not hair and beauty is not even tangible. I forgive you fair skinned woman for thinking you are better than a chocolate dipped female due to variance in susceptibility to sun burns. Shame on you for putting another woman down for how she was created and making her second guess her value for something so trivial and shallow.

May your insolence precede you, you man who thinks light skin is better and shun dark skinned African women. I bet your mother is fifty shades of grey but you busily run your mouth of how fair skinned women are better. May you return to the womb that created you and go through proper brain growth. May you eat your words and fall short of every woman you desire in your days to come. White washed men who forsake their own breathtaking African women are the same broke men busy betting on Sportpesa with odds below 2.5. Ladies, may you see passed their rubbish.

Dark skinned ladies who advocate and chant that fair skinned women get more privileges, you are a complete waste of wits and direction. It’s childish and completely callous to dismiss one on the basis of the glow of their skin. Understand that these light skin women did not create themselves( exclusive to FBIs- Former Black Individuals). Do not be so ignorant that you think milk-white skin has earned me a seat at the table. If you have any substance between your ears, understand that I am forced to work twice as hard as you to prove that my skin color had nothing to do with neither my supremacy nor my level of intelligence.

Personal preferences are acceptable until you push others to share the same line of thought as you.

Beauty is vast enough to accommodate everyone and anyone. It is nothing physical- it cannot be grasped or possessed. It can only be felt. Don’t put down that dark skin female for her rich melanin, no need to close your mind to a light skin just to feel better about yourself. Embrace everyone, embrace yourself. You are beautiful.





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