I smile a little wider knowing someone somewhere sat down to write a handful of resolutions at the beginning of the year and they have never checked any box. Certainly not diabolical just really bored out of my mind that I’m doing the same thing I was doing in 2013. Of course with a clearer mindset, somewhat more perverse but have you logged on lately?

I don’t belong. I cannot belong. Having such few similarities in our cognitive ways; our lack of incongruence is staggering. Having gone through the same education system, flipped the same scripts, taught from the same catalogue and formatted by the same experiences, I expect a different version of the world than what it is right now.

How disappointing is it for an educated man to share the same thought process as an uneducated villager. Is it possible that 16 years of education is synonymous to that which you flushed? But then again I cannot blame you for we live in a world so confusing that you cannot apply the education from school to real life. The disparity has led us to be more frustrated morally, spiritually, emotionally and ultimately financially.

I shifted multiple times in my seat as I watched the two men go hard in showing affection. I always low-key identified myself as an ally of the LGBTIQ community but this particular situation made everyone’s cells cringe. The excessive female mannerisms, the extreme showmanship like no better love than gay love existeth and that stretched out ‘baaaaaabe’ whenever they address each other did not sit well with anyone. But I got to admit her nails were drop dead primed for the royal wedding. She sat precariously at the edge of her boyfriend’s lap and did not feel the need to socially adjust herself for anyone’s range of comfort.

He was called James, a complete opposite of his partner who was rather vivacious and slightly inclined to drag queen characteristics. I didn’t want to linger too much but every once in a while I caught myself staring. Was the curiosity too much? I had this need to understand the ethos presently profound and the skewed expression of it. She shifted her eyelids repetitively appearing rather flirtatious and oncoming to the gentleman who I soon discovered was another closet away from being opened.

The fascination of seeing a beard and mascara, the contour on his face was so immaculate, he articulated himself with such diction and such poise; it was impossible he was a man. He had those Kim K eyebrows looking like they were done by Kylie before Travis. He was drop dead stunning. His fragrance still lingers in my nostrils arousing all sorts of emotive sensations.

‘She’ wouldn’t care who was staring at her and so audacious she would steal a kiss or two from her partner. Something normal accepted couples don’t even have the courage to do due to insecurities and diarrheadversions of reality. Termed as being ‘westernized’ because show of affection is somehow the fifth estate of America and the rest should live as emotional australopithecuses. It did not take long for the public to hurl obscenities…..

His partner was so nonchalant; lets his better half talk away while resting his hand on his waist. Who are these audacious characters? Filled with such intense vibrance and lost so deep in their conversations that they dare not let the loud silent stares interrupt. They temporarily seize your moment, get you to drown in this ‘façade’ called love only that it is real.


As they talked away while interlocking fingers and souls, the pot was stirred and the broth wasn’t all pleasant. They were probably tired of being a spectacle but who can blame us? Its rare witnessing such deep waves of emotions expressed so publicly and unashamedly. We no longer see it in marriages, it’s pretty nonexistent in today’s relationships and that shifts your perspective. The fact that two people from the same sex can take something all of us have been seeking and turn it into bliss should be a return to sender challenge.

If I was to ever write a romantic novel or believe in romanticized love, I doubt I’d think of Romeo and Juliet. I am more inclined to Cleopatra and Mary Anthony, Odysseus and Arez or even Paolo and Napoleon. These might be the love stories our great grandchildren will be reading or narrating to their children if the apocalypse isn’t on 3rd December. Hating gays or the LGBTIQ community does not infringe on their rise. The same way hating corruption did not deter the consumption of sugar that feature the periodic table. Using religion to scare certain connotation also has no effect and if it does, it won’t hold water.

The gentleman in a blue suit seated next to me was so put off, faced me the entire time to avoid any glimpse of the ‘taboo’. This of course made me miss some action; he gave me CPR without laying his lips and occasionally slept on my shoulder drooling all his problems on Mbagathi Way. Some men alighted as James was heavily built and no one dared the cock challenge. Others remained speaking under their breaths until we arrived at Agip.

They alight as the matatu plays ”effects za cocobutter”

…….the greatest being LOVE…….


  1. That’s a vivid description of the occasion I can picture the whole scenario. I haven’t witnessed PDA by gay couples but by the read of it am sure it may bring mixed emotions by the sight of it.


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