How did the name shifta come about?

The name Shifta is my high school nickname. It was given to me by my friends due to my ability to shift flows while rapping and also my nature to adapt/shift to situations or environment.

What sidelines you form the rest of the Kenyan artists?

What sidelines me from the rest is that I am a rap artist who can flow to any beat regardless of the genre and I believe my punchlines are not your ordinary rap lines . I always seek to be witty and funny with my lyrics.

How long have you been in the industry?

I officially started writing and recording in 2013 .that’s when I recorded few of my first tracks. ‘hitem hard’ and ‘shwari’. That’s before releasing my famous track ‘maji’.

Which producers have you worked with so far?

I have worked with several producers most of them are underground hence don’t have bignames in the game. I have worked with Chacha of urban scorch studios and Brian Robin of one vibe Africa among others

Would you do a collabo with Tunji if given a chance?

I wouldn’t mind a collabo with tunji because I relate with his music and we also rep the same hood 125 ongata and it would be a beneficial experience especially to me since he is a bit ahead in the game than I am therefore I would gain and learn a lot from tunji

Your songs are inclined to love and infatuation, how would you describe your relationship with women?

My relationship with women is an ongoing process as I am still learning and discovering more about them. How to understand their emotions and how to treat them better depending on their roles in my life.

What do you think you can change in the industry to make it better and more versatile?

Preach the message of togetherness among artists and other professionals that run this industry and be more creative and original therefore raising the bar high and everyone will be striving for greatness

Do you listen to any local artists?

Yeah I do listen to local artsites. The likes of romi Swahili,k4kanali,broddiexo,stoniejiwe, k.jones and octo

How much money would an artist need to get a great mix tape and recorded a video?

It depends on the production house one chooses to do his/her mixtape from. I wouldn’t know the exact amount but 30k would do a quality mixtape and around 100k for a descent vid or more

Whose career path do you admire and would like to emulate?

It has to be nasty c. he is a big inspiration. From his bars to his life story. And his path has been ascending so far and I wish he gets to the top

What’s next for Shifta the rapper?

I have a single dropping this month called ‘’nishakuona” featuring okello max. and a mixtape cooking and might drop around mid next year


Where can people get your music?

You can get my music on soundcloud as shwarixtra and on you tube as shifta-maji



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