OF PIERCINGS AND TATTOOS by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

Beauty comes in all shapes and forms. Scratch that. Beauty comes in all pains and groans. The simple things in life are the hardest and unfortunately most people are drawn by this. There is beauty in simplicity and ugly in complexity so they say then they go get twenty piercings on their ears and their body looks like a drawing book. Who am I to judge though? A profoundly famous lightly skinned (rather light skinned) with a wholesomely blessed derriere woman once said ‘My Body, My Business’. I am not quite sure the number of transactions you will require to get a cheque with nine digits but if you ever reach there then am right behind you.
I have zero resentments when it comes to beautifying oneself but to what extent will you start to appreciate your beauty. Personally I have eight piercings and zero tattoos, frankly because my mum feels like they are cultic practices plus who spends all that money on a drawing? I understand some are in the business of getting money but what does the drawing book gain?
I am in no business whatsoever in discouraging general unbeneficial practices but what is the need of competing with the next art gallery? Wiz Khalifa and Amberose kindly take note, right after you put that blunt down and after you put some clothes on. Plus what is the point of having a magnet drag you by your ears? Is all that metal necessary? The only metal you should have is the one on your belt’s buckle, period.
Living in a generation where rebellion and controversy is accepted, compromises and faults have been made and appreciated. So yes to all those piercings, yes to tattoos, yes to sisal hair, yes to ‘Jiked’ skins and definitely an all-way approval to silicon body parts. If you have any of the above, my dear you have made the correct steps in the right direction. You are definitely the SI unit of a twenty first generation being.


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