Jamie Fox, Kanye West and our very own Sauti Sol have shunned the women who put money first then love later, I don’t know if they want all women to die struggling or what they are trying to achieve. Don’t misquote me, I am certainly not advocating for gold diggers but what happens when you shove money at a woman who needs material things literally; she is wearing like those Pulse cover girls. She will take your money and run then come back for more when she finishes it.

With the uproar Njoki Chege has caused, all thanks to her absurd and downright inappropriate articles, I best believe that either she was high or it was just a strategy to get her work and name out. It must be the latter otherwise I am doomed that she hails from the same species as I do. I tend to believe that she is very witty but she has no idea on how to put her witty remarks in the correct words. I got that what she wants is simply a man who will work as hard as she does, probably even harder than her and maybe he shouldn’t read any of her articles too. I highly doubt any man will have such an indifferent woman to be second in command in his house.

There are very many Njokis in this generation, if not; Vera Sidika wouldn’t be with the oil tycoon, Emmy Kosgei wouldn’t be with her Nigerian pastor and most of us would be single and struggling, we would all be stuck here looking for Johnny with Yemi Alade. We all want that ‘couch’ to fall on when things go wrong. It’s only that people have different definitions of him. I want an emotionally stable man, she wants a man who can be featured on who owns Kenya, another wants a man to her baby daddy, and it’s all a matter of difference in opinion. And we all know an opinion is like a nose, everyone has theirs.

A friend cracked me up but she sure is almost right if not correct at all. The men who don’t support Njoki Chege must be either dead broke or bored and as for the women who are hurling insults, they must be dating those men. I don’t know about those people’s relationship status or their reasons but this writer got exactly what she wanted. She wanted a reaction and that’s exactly what she got and I doubt she is even apologetic about it. She got famous and every relevant person has been dropping her name in each conversationThere is always a time in life whereby other people’s opinions couldn’t matter less.

So Njoki Chege, you are one bold woman for exposing your naivety to the whole world and with time I hope you will be enlightened on the reality of life and that men were not born to be your bank.


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