MORE KENYAN WOMEN FLY TO WEST AFRICA IN 2016 by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

Chilvary might be dead in Kenya but its alive and running in West Africa. If i know Kenyan women then you bet they are not there for the oil nor for the accent. Money and fame is the oxygen in this era and we are all compelled to expand our nostrils or better yet breathe through our mouths. These Nigerian men have given the ladies a run for their Naira and now they are even flying.

I am not quite certain what is the fascination with these Oga men but whatever it is Kenyan men need loads of it. Its been said that 70% of West Africa’s economy is solely from flights made by Kenyan women. So many women fly to that part of Africa that if they stop going, there will be an economic meltdown.

I am not a big fan of accents(though its rumoured i have one) and that excessive patriotism is sickenning, I won’t even start on what they did to Emmy Kosgei. The African print hat,shirt,pants, scarf downright to the sash; come on, are we having an African Rites of passage everyday? Who lives under all that fabric and they don’t own a sewing machine? Upholding traditions my Louis Vuitton!!!! Tradition is eating pizza every Tuesday so you can get one more.

However, I will give them credit for the oil,flashy cars,big estates and romantic tales. Nigerians can do anything with anything. They managed to turn their land into a pirate’s chest, lookable women into goddesses and broke Kenyan men into more broke Kenyan men (and Kenya is already broke). I mean is it juju or the fufu ?

Looking on the bright side. Kenyan ladies seem happier with the variety of ‘exotic’ male species and Kenyan men are free to do what they always do; sit around and talk in fake black American accent about Tupac Shakur. Its also good for the country, seeing the current economic status detoriating, we will need all the mahari we can get. No pun.

Personally, I wouldn’t have gone for Nigeria, not that I have anything against them (Mike Ezuruonye I love you, Rita Dominic I will be you). I just cannot get past all that fabric, heavy weird accent accompanied with the unnecessary exclamations,head smacking,hand clapping, head bobbing and Jesus calling all the time. Yes, am a hot bowl of soup and i serve it without a spoon. 

For all the ladies lurking in Nigeria for a suitor, good luck. For the lady aspirants, keep the fire burning. For Kenyan men….well….keep playing Eurotrack and get married to Agent 47 from Hitman. Dab!!!


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