The Rugged Equipment team would like to wish you a merry Christmas. You can take advantage of the low prices we are offering and get yourself a brand new phone today.

We have nothing short of the best devices from S31 for those who appreciate the intricate details of a mobile device. To the S41 who not only want to explore the world above ground but are willing to go a little deeper.

We also have the B25 for all the clientele who appreciate the simplicity of a mobile phone- resembles kabambe but outperforms it in terms of everything.

These phones are well packaged and come with the necessary accessories. You will have no trouble when you need to charge other devices using these gadgets. No qualms when it comes to scratches, dust and breakages. Extensive power and immense storage that will keep you at ease.

These are the type of phones every young person deserves and every mature aged person needs. It lasts long and it’s very reliable.

Merry Christmas to all our clients and members who have outdone themselves and made the impossible possible! Its been a great run this year, let’s make it even better in 2019.Go CÂT or go CÂT.



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