Having a woman working on a canvas is as not as common as having her on the canvas. Miss Kelly is a visionary that sees beyond pencils and brushes. I was privileged enough to meet one of the finest artists who happens to be female as well.

1.What do you require before coming up with a masterpiece(equipment)

Before carrying any equipment, I must have motivation and inspiration from things around me or items I have previously related with. I engage in different forms of art, so in all these I use different materials, different types of pencils (b/2b/3b…) for pencil work and in painting I use brushes, color pencils, acrylic paints, watercolors and different medias that I work on i.e. paper/canvas.

Kelly Arts

2.Which piece is the best in your collection and why?

My best piece is my personal portrait which is a pencil work. Because it embraced me to start doing portraits, it was my first piece. Nevertheless, i took my time in doing it to perfection…so as when I look at it I see my own reflection.

3.Would you be willing to put it up on sale or it’s for your own personal collection?

No…I wouldn’t, because of its sentimental value.

4.Who are some of the artists you look up to?

I look up to every successful artist…Who practice art in their own unique way

5.What separates you from the next artist in town?

What separates me from the next artist is my love for art, believing in myself, plus the passion I have drives me to challenge myself in the art world.

6.As a woman, is it hard to be accepted in the industry?

It isn’t hard to be accepted; actually they respect women who challenge other male artists. The problem is most women are so skeptical, leaving the industry to be dominated by men.
Personally I stand firm to be a role model to my female artists.

7.How comes art is not appreciated in this country in particular in comparison to other talents?

The African culture has raised us to view art as time wasting, and since the art equipments are too expensive they prefer nurturing the children to other talents which require fewer expenses.

8.Do you have any master class you are conducting for those who are interested?

Yes I conduct master classes to any interested person; I believe sharing knowledge is also a way of learning and being perfect…

9.What was your major breakthrough?

I have breakthroughs, every time I do something new that I previously was skeptical about.



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