So Kiberians turned away clean water because ‘Baba’ was not the one who integrated the water and sanitation project. May we all Rest in Peace! I do not know what kind of sorcery this is that people will collectively rubbish aid from the government. Whoever made Raila their Harry Porter should be stoned. Stupidity is like death, everyone else suffers apart from the perpetrator.

To add on being one of the largest urban slums, you would think fresh water will be their Moses. Similarly to when the Israelites were refusing to leave Egypt for an upgrade. Close to the fact that they are already agonizing their own version of ten plagues, twenty years into ‘Baba’s tenure is completely mind-blowing. Probably Raila will supply them with Holy water to wash down the ‘nyama’ Uhuru was referring to.

Through their highways and their streets, you will find residue that will keep the vomit coming even when in the afterlife. Lord help you that you don’t suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder also diarrhea. With baba sitting in his 9500 square foot mansion fully air conditioned rooms with wall hangings from Egypt while you are there in your microwave mabati housing with ‘Shinda na Safaricom’ wallpaper. When you attempt to leave your house, you accidentally find yourself in your neighbor’s bedroom then get chocked by the loosely hanging cloth lines. You have to carry your work shoes in a paper bag because given the way your hood is set up you might step into Omosh’s menace before you reach the mandazi place. Ye of little wisdom shall perish!

But no, water is not crucial for you. You just want the man who you chose twenty years erstwhile to rule and divide. Who needs water when there is Raila? A few vitendawilis here and there and ridicule targeting Uhuruto bromance and thirst is no more. You would think after all that suffering in terms of security, education, sanitation and diseases, water would be like manna from heaven. But maybe manna is too boring for them, they want more of pizza and croissant, the type ‘Baba’ has on the daily. See our life!




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