Hello, my name is Wambua and I have not written in two months…
(AA meetings be like)
The elite writers call it a writer’s block, mine feels more like a writer’s neighborhood- it’s just block after block after block then there’s grass in the middle in which I write a paragraph but never get around finishing. It’s a menace.

Lying on my bed listening to the mosquitos buzzing, watching my hand forming shadows on the wall while getting in and out of consciously listening to reggae, I am on a skyscraper and the keyboard is my lawn. For some reason no matter how fast I swing my hand to smack a mosquito, I never catch it nor kill it- most times I feel like I’m giving it a push or a pat on the wing. It annoys me but for some reason I revel in chasing after each one of them, turning mothers and fathers into blood spatter- Game of Thrones level, call me Khaleesi!
I decide enough is enough after nearly wiping away a whole family line. Most of the time, I simply write about whatever comes to mind. Good, Bad and boring. But today, I wanted to hear from my audience- I ask my friends what they’d like to read. The response was quite unexpected considering I have a certain inclination to humor……….
It’s funny how, we all assume everyone is okay and doing well in their lives at all times. Mainly because every time we reach out to someone they are usually just fine, in 365 days in a year, they are alive, breathing and mostly annoying you. So when I hit up my NFF(nigga friend forever) at around 11pm, I expected some anecdotes here and there, some low-key shade and some real creative help, given that he is an artist. The good thing about all of our conversations is that they are straight to the point like the Pope’s hat; he understands that I hate that monotone texting.
(This is how you know the conversation is about to be 100 shades of boredom)
“How are you doing?”

(This is the 99th shade of boredom)
“What have you been up to?”
(This person exceeds your boredom expectation)
(At this point I’m usually suicidal but my courtesy flourishes in times of trial)
Kareem and I don’t go through this limbo, when I ask him for a great topic to write about, he responds;
“Road accidents
Like the one my dad had an hour ago”
I felt my heart in my gut doing flip flops like a stripper then I finally smacked that mosquito singing jingle bells around my ear. I was dumbfounded, I didn’t know if it was a joke but it couldn’t be a joke because he wouldn’t let it go that far. The room started getting hot all of a sudden, I couldn’t feel my legs, were they my legs, is oxygen really colorless? I was so far up my alley, I would probably solve GBV in Kenya.
After a few irrelevant thoughts, I resigned to having no proper way of handling this situation. There is no right thing to say- whether to offer comfort or to assure someone that you are there for them. It’s like your world for that one second or two shuts down and you cannot hit the power button because you have no hands. The worst part is what he is going through and how his family is taking it. I can’t afford to tell him a cliché line that holds no weight or doesn’t deliver my sincerity.
“Imma pray on it”
It didn’t quite put the emotion I felt into words, how helpless I was in this particular situation and being so avid when it comes to consoling. But it’s the only thing I could do that was genuine and heartfelt.
The next topic I get is from Cy;
“About men having sex with women without seeking their consent, first… coz people take it as having confidence”
I didn’t know how deep my friends are until today, ladies and gentlemen. From talking about food and talking about more food, my expectations were basically narrowed down to food. But can you blame me?
Ask and you shall be given, is a lesson you should never look over.
So as I put a pause Marlon episode 6 at 12:56 minutes, let’s take a moment of silence for all the families that have lost a loved one this year.
We have lost so many lives on these roads just these 4 months and we needn’t add more. I pray for all the families with casualties, May God be with you in this trying time and may He uplift your spirits and ease your hearts. Amen.




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