Sharon Mundia, better known as This is Ess started her website in January 2012 whereas Joy Kendi started a year later in 2013. They both run numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter which they use to showcase their work and engage with their fans. Both very talented fashion bloggers.

This is Ess has quite a following on her social media accounts compared to Joy Kendi but this is given to the fact that she had a one year head start. Despite this, I believe more people tend to identify with Joy Kendi’s work. This is merely due to the fact her posts are what we refer to as ‘raw’ or natural. This is Ess tends to have her posts being professionally done though both remain at their top of their game.

This is Ess does an extra segment that involves travelling whereas Joy Kendi lies more on the DIY segment. Definitely the audience would rather educate themselves more on how to look good affordably more than going to new expensive places as many online magazines act as an expose for new places. Joy Kendi definitely tops this one.

You definitely have more chance in getting a response from This is Ess as compared to Joy Kendi. Life is unfair. This is Ess can generate up to 200 responses in a day’s time compared to Joy Kendi who generates up to 150 response. This may be due to the fact that she does carry a larger audience. I give this one to Ess.

Joy Kendi is not only known for her exquisite taste in fashion but she also partook in Kenya’s leading series 2012/2013. She is also into advertisement and has recently done one on. And last and definitely not the least, she has been recognised by the syndicated Wendy Williams.

Most people do not know this but Ess’s favorites body part is her brain and loves to sing. She works as a radio personality at Capital FM and doubles up as an online writer of their lifestyle segment. She is a two time award winning BAKE Award winner for 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.

The two are definitely top of their game, both diverse but united by their love in looking good. Nothing is better than two ladies winning. They are definitely serve as an inspiration to all. The next in line are ‘TWO FASHION DORKS’ who not only know how to put great pieces together but also have great personalities that tags along. Follow their blogs on .


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