Style is borderline fashion, do you think there’s a difference?

Yes, I believe that there is a huge difference between fashion and style. Fashion issimply clothes may it be in a store or runway but style to me is how you put together pieces of clothing to fit your comfort and most importantly your persona or sometimes mood.

Was fashion inborn or did you grow into it?

To me fashion wasn’t inborn. 2-3 years ago I cared very little about fashion or my personal style. It all came to be about a year and a half ago, at a point in my life, where I was getting to find my self and generally my purpose… Which I truly believe in every sense its fashion!

With so many upcoming stylists and gurus in the industry, what would you say makes you stand out?

What I believe stands out about me, is that I stay true to my style, I am never swayed by anyone, yes I draw inspiration from other fashion icons, runway shows as well as other bloggers , however I take what might work for me and give it my personal touch to make it my own.

What is your favorite print? Or collectible in your wardrobe?

Hahaha this is probably the hardest question for me, but it would probably be distressed denim.

Your fashion repertoire is pretty chic, what was the biggest milestone you faced before you settled on blogging?

I think the most challenging thing was that I am usually very hard on myself so I strive for the best and the best of who I can be. So I guess I didn’t want to get into it if I knew I wouldn’t make it to the top. Well am not at the top, however I still strive to be there someday. In short I guess I was my biggest hurdle.

Do you personally select all your items?
Yes I do select all my items.

Apart from styling yourself, have you redesigned anyone else’s wardrobe?

Well, if it counts I have redesigned my boyfriends wardrobe and my sister, I practically style my family and friends.

What do you think is lacking in the fashion industry generally in Kenya?

In relation to the Kenyan fashion industry, I feel we lack a fashion culture, and there is a lot of great and inspirational Kenyan designers, but the general public doesn’t really support them enough, I am personally guilty of the same. I guess it’s easy to run to ‘gikomba’ than research on a Kenyan designer and support them. However, I feel it’s a growing industry and this may possibly change very soon or the near future. I am happy to be apart of this.

At what point would you consider yourself a full blown stylist or have achieved ultimate success?

Am I a stylist? Haha, well I hope to get a chance to style masses. As per now, I am still growing my brand and am yet to get this opportunity.

As a female stylist what inspiration do you want the youth in this generation to draw from you?

Well, I would love my readers or followers, to grow their confidence in themselves and appreciate their personal style.

Who would you like to work with both locally and internationally?

I would love to work with Kenyan designers such us as Adel De Jak, Nur, other companies such as, Woolworths. Internationally I would die to work with Chanel, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Balmain Paris among others!

What is your favorite part of being a fashion stylist?

I love to experiment new trends and incorporate them in my style and sharing them with my readers on my blog.

If not fashion, what other creative aspect would you be embracing?

I love music, I would love to do some work in radio. I guess that’s what I would do if not fashion.

Last, not in any way the least,
Is Leah Patriz your real name?

Yes my name is Leah Patriz, my mum gave me the name Patriz. Leah is my official name, among others

Feel free to visit her blog at leahpatrizcom and keep up with this lass on Instagram Patriz_instyle


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