If you were not a model what would you be doing?

I would be a full-time stylist and fashion designer. Or maybe a TV host (chuckles)

Which are some of the causes you support in Kenya or worldwide today?
I recently started a project (old is gold initiative) on supporting the old, a few people have similar like-minded projects and I take it positively because it just means that people actually care and that there’s room for growth in our society. Also, I have had the privilege to be part of art for Koch’s sake project. An initiative that provides mentorship and entrepreneurial training for Creative Youth, develop their skills through trainings,seminars,exchange programs,concerts and open forums where they acquire and share knowledge of contemporary issues. They also learn how to package their brands as artists and how to earn from artistry.



Which iconic figures do you look up to for inspiration?

Michelle Obama and Iman are icons by their own merit
Do you belong to any particular agencies?

No, I prefer being in charge of my own brand

Who are some of the best photographers you have worked with?

Emmanuel Jambo, Donald Greg an award winning photographer, Duncan Willets




Where does the distinction lie between a professional model and an instagram model? An instagram model is a girl who can take pretty pictures. When you’re a professional model you should be able to get into character, you should be able to connect and communicate with your audience through your photos. it’s not as glamorous as it looks,it requires one to put in work, do research and stay relevant . And what common mistakes do models make in terms of marketing?professionalism is key, most models do not stand up for their value simply because the modeling industry is flooded and competitive, this has often killed many brands. Do not let anyone make you feel like you’re overcharging your services as long as at the end of the day you give clients value for their money.



Who are some of the gurus in the fashion world that you have had privilege to work with?

Penny Winter,an amazing jewellery designer(michelle Obama being one of her loyal clients) Eddie Kirindo
Describe your work in one word. Experimental.

Why that particular word? I get to learn so many new things on the daily.



For booking, how would one get a hold of you and do you have a manager?currently, through my social media platforms. I do not have a manager just yet.

You can vote for Miss Sharon Awuor hourly as the Female Model of the Year on Pwani International Fashion Week And Awards!!!!





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