Educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and educate the whole community

-Waitherero Wambua

These are the last days at Moi university and the signs are showing; students coming together for the greater good, new inventions, murram road shifting to tarmac road, hostel H being booked by mould instead of entrepreneurs, chicken selling points being established and last and definitely the least ignored- more liquor shops than M-pesa agents.

Living in a community where rape is victim oriented, we lack the proper channels to curb the vice in its bud. Cases never go past certain people; certain doctrines do not allow communication of such acts to the relevant offices. Having the media attention shifting towards us, does not faze the very people who propagate such heinous acts in the vicinity. We have over rape cases each semester both on record and off record- they were dismissed upon meager knowledge in rape and misconceptions carried on from generations 12 feet under.


A great initiative coming from the infamous Wambui Ochieng and her partner Meghan. The initiative came from the need to be heard, representing all the ladies across campus who have been victims of Gender Based Violence. This initiative is aimed at curbing rape at its roots, foregoing all previous myths surrounding the topic. We go against the current and set the agenda on what is termed as a taboo and dismissible in the community. The program has brought forth many stories from survivors and has shed light in areas that did not seem plausible. It is through this initiative that women find solace and understand that it is not uncommon for rape to occur- having being marginalized for so long. With support coming from fellow students, the initiative has grown to become a force to reckon with. The founders have gone above and beyond to ensure it’s all inclusive-the men have expressed interest in the platform and have been instrumental in answering the most difficult prompts.

It’s a sisterhood that is propagated by a force beyond the gender lines. It signifies a culture that has become exhausting to its people. A pact to do good and show compassion at all times for those within and others by extension. The Sikimyi!! Initiative is a clear indication that young women in campus have grown tired of being oppressed and suppressed. It’s a start of a new era. Given the tide, the program has taken off with, it can only go higher and further.

You can reach the directors of the program through
0728 655 773
Facebook,twitter insta @sikimyi


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