BEHIND A BLACK WOMAN by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

An aura of stillness engulfs the room,

Rain spatters rhythmically outside the window

A clock oscillates in my head ‘tick tock tick tock’

My breath dampens the mirror


I find solace in solitude

Grief comforts me for happiness is evasive

Yet teeth are an aesthetic

I show them in prospect of pain


Wigs, fillers, maquillage

My face is sculpted, adorned for beauty

A sacrifice to the gods, a guest to myself

Seeking validation for that which will age


My body is of an ant

Big Beautiful Woman they call me

Cholesterol only permitted on my bosom and butt

Number 8 is my symbol to abide and represent


The mirror stares back

Seemingly waiting for the routine

I sit undressed, sharing my bizarre nudity with my eyes

I barely knew what I was

The flare of my bronze skin

Contours on my visage

Brows scattered unevenly beautiful

Khoisan hair parted skillfully

I was black, bold and beautiful



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