“I don’t really care for Valentine’s day”

Vero said in a rather lit voice.

“Eric treats me like a queen 364 days straight, so one day doesn’t really alter anything”, she goes on.

Tina and I try to embark on another ship before this one turns into a titanic. Vero is a little bit slow when it comes to picking up cues, she rants and raves for hours about non issues; like a government proceeding. However, we still listen to her tales of this credited hero of romance. He was too good. Almost like Jesus good but no one can be that good at least not without relations with the divinities. Her eyes dazzled when she talked of him, she hid it from time to time pretending she had something in her eye but we knew. Her gestures were a quick sell out too.

She went on and on of every nitty gritty and left none to imagination. At some point the three of us felt like we had spent past Valentines’ with both her and Eric. Albeit, we couldn’t completely relate as me and Tina were single like a dollar bill. We finished Vero’s sentences, joined in giggles, took empty glances in the air and just bore it all. Girls literally can go on forever. I am not quite sure how long we endured this but I knew two minutes tops and cupid would’ve showed up.

‘This year he is taking me to Sarova Shaba’

Sarova Shaba sounds like an expensive place, like Kempinsky or Rolf’s Place. But unlike Kempinsky and Rolf’s Place, it’s in the outskirts of Nairoberry. The kind of place you would come across wild animals and palm trees. Large pools, wazungus, exotic food, sultry weather, bikini bottoms and off-road vehicles. How fun does that sound. The serenity is to die for as nature encompasses every frame in its surrounding.

‘So what are you guys planning for Valentine’s?’

Tina giggles. She wants to stay indoors and watch that movie; SPECTRE she has been putting off. Then later in the day go to a place called ‘falls’ here in the varsity. Afterwards gobble up sleeping pills and wake up on Monday. She didn’t even flinch when she was outlaying her grandeur. She always had a laidback feel in all her undertakings. Her life seemed so well put together and such a breeze.

My plans……Ummmm….. Well…. Somebody help me out here


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